Laser Endoscopic Spine Surgery Explained

A common concern I hear when people are considering spine surgery is missing out on work and life. In fact, many postpone surgery until symptoms are unbearable. If you’re following my YouTube channel, you may have seen a number of surgery videos where I cover the incision with just a cute little Band-Aid…Well, that surgery is Laser Endoscopic Spine Surgery (LESS). LESS is a cutting-edge minimally invasive procedure that gets people back to living their lives ASAP.

LESS requires a smaller incision of around 1 centimeter, which reduces harm to nearby tissues and muscles, leading to less pain and a faster recovery. Compared to traditional surgery, the smaller incision and decreased muscle disruption contribute to quicker healing, allowing patients to return to normal activities within 1-2 weeks.

How, might you ask?

The endoscope—a thin tube with a camera at the end— enables precise visualization of the problem area. The YAG Holmium laser uses non-electrical photon energy for remarkable precision, allowing me to work right next to the nerves without causing harm, promoting a safer surgical experience.

By precisely targeting the problematic tissues and minimizing the impact on healthy structures, Laser Endoscopic Spine Surgery reduces the risk of complications and improves treatment outcomes. Patients typically experience a much faster recovery. They are able to walk within one hour of surgery and go home the same day. I’ve seen some of my golfer patients back at the driving range weeks after surgery.

Don’t let your back pain dictate your life any longer. To learn more about how LESS is used to treat herniated discs check out my short video on Microdiscectomy vs LESS or this bandaid surgery video; 2-Level LESS.

Live More With LESS

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