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Is Back Pain Slowing Down Your Golf Game?

Quite the contrary – despite what many would prefer to believe, your back pain is not actually hurting your golf game. Your golf game is hurting your back! Yes, you read that correctly. The stance that one takes as one prepares for and executes a golf swing, compresses the spine unnaturally, and can cause quite a bit of pain. Dr. Kim recently sat down with Dr. Chris Rogers of the San Diego Orthobiologics Medical Group to chat about what happens to our spine during a swing and how to deal with any back pain that may arise. And for those of you fortunate enough not to experience back pain on the golf course, continue to practice healthy habits, and be sure to follow our 4 Secrets for a Healthy Spine on the Golf Course.

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Why an Abnormal MRI Might Not Mean Trouble

When you first hear the words “abnormal spinal MRI,” it’s natural to feel a wave of anxiety. The spine is central to our mobility and well-being, and the thought of something being wrong with it can be alarming. However, an

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Kickstart 2024 With A Healthy Spine

Wishing you a fantastic start to the New Year! Prioritizing your health, particularly the well-being of your spine can help you live a long and active life. Here are 9 tips to start off 2024 with your spine health in

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Patient Spotlight: A 13 Year Update

I couldn’t wait to share with you this awesome success story I received from a patient I operated on 13 years ago. Wow, I love that social media allows me to stay connected with patients over the years. Look at him

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Count Your Blessings, Not Your Back Aches

As the Thanksgiving holiday approaches, preparations for festive gatherings with friends and family are in full swing. During this special time, the last thing you want is bothersome back pain dampening your enjoyment. Follow these three straightforward tips for a

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Spine Surgery FAQs

When it comes to your spine, you might have some questions, and guess what? I’ve got you covered! Let’s explore some of the most frequently asked questions together… Q. What is minimally invasive spine surgery, and how does it differ

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4 Secrets for a Healthy Spine on the Golf Course

Are you an avid golfer who loves spending time on the greens? If so, we certainly have that in common. While golf is a fantastic sport that combines skill, precision, and relaxation, it is important to prioritize the health and

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